Work of Art

Mustard Seed’s Art as Popular as Food! Restaurant’s Original Artist Growing in Notoriety.

Why have people in Spokane and Missoula been coming to Mustard Seed for 40 years?


If asked, they would site their favorite signature dishes and unique sauces. Or maybe they would talk about supporting a great local restaurant. Quite possibly, they would site Mustard Seed as a fantastic evening out…either family style or on a date.

Would anyone mention the art on the walls?

As guests dine at Mustard Seed, what they may not realize is that the art on the walls is also part of Mustard Seed’s local legend. In both Spokane and Missoula Mustard Seeds, you will truly find a “Work of Art” from Lane Timothy… beyond the great signature dishes.


Lane Timothy was a young aspiring local artist in Missoula who was paying the bills by painting school mascots for the University of Montana or other graphic design projects. Mustard Seed owners, David Hall, and Betty Tokumoto approached him to create some Asian inspired pieces for their new restaurant. While Lane was excited about a commission, David and Betty were excited to help another Missoulian and get unique pieces of art for their unique Pan-Asian restaurant.


From there, both parties started to grow and prosper. Lane’s notoriety as an artist started to spread from Montana to Manhattan! He has headlined the Great American Figurative show in Santa Barbara and was the youngest artist ever to headline at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Currently, his paintings can be seen in collections throughout Seattle, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake, Europe, and Japan. Additionally, he was commissioned to create a piece for the White House.


Mustard Seed has also grown and prospered. From the first restaurant in Missoula, Mustard Seed brought their Signature Sauces to Spokane. Today, Mustard Seed corporation runs two Mustard Seeds and seven fast casual restaurants in Spokane, Airway Heights, Hayden (Idaho), Missoula and Great Falls (Montana) as Noodle Express.


Owner David Hall commented: “Our restaurant started with my wife Betty and her sister Nancy just playing with the flavors they remember from their time growing up in Hawaii, Bangkok, and Japan. With a little experimentation, they came up with the signature sauce Osaka and their version of Teriyaki that have become so popular.”


Mustard Seed has regularly won ‘Best Asian Restaurant’ in readers’ polls from publications like The Spokesman Review, Spokane Inlander, The Missoulian and many others.


Mustard Seed prides itself on preparing all their dishes with fresh vegetables, lean meats, and their special signature sauces. Most all items at Mustard Seed are prepared from scratch. Their vegetables and meats are cut fresh every day, and their signature sauces and dressings are made by hand without added MSG or oxidants.


So now, the real question is, how much are the original paintings by Lane Timothy worth?

With a smile, Vice President Chris Siemens adds: “I can’t give you an exact number…but let’s just say David and Betty made an AMAZING investment.”